This month, Plumb-Tech Trade School was honored to have been highlighted in an article by the Colorado Springs Business Journal’s Editorial Board.

In an article titled “Opinion: Springs Has Blueprint For Jobs,” the editorial board writes:

[Plumb-Tech Trade School] was the first in Colorado to get state approval to teach classes mandated by a state law that requires plumbers to complete eight hours of continuing education classes every 12 months. The bill requiring the continuing education credits went into effect in May, and Diego Lujan, owner of Aphalete Plumbing & Heat, was ready with the first classes in June.

But Lujan has bigger dreams. He’s creating a four-year trade school for high school graduates. It’s a new day for trade opportunities because there’s a significant lack of people trained to do the work.

We’re thankful for local organizations like the CSBJ that are taking notice of what we’re building at Plumb-Tech, and we can’t wait to open up our apprenticeship program to the public.

Read the full article here.